Where To Find An Awesome Sous Vide Tuna Recipe

Facts on Sous Vide

Who does not love food? Even those who are striving to do their best to go on a diet miss the best flavors of their favorite comfort food. True, there are many ways to prepare sumptuous meals, such as, to bake, fry, stew, pressure-cook and many more. Among it is sous vide, which French words are pertaining to “under vacuum”. For the reason that, the method requires the meat to be sealed inside a vacuum-pouch and then to let it cook in a water bath in designated controlled temperature for more than an hour, sometimes, 48 hours maximum.

Of course, the cooking time shall be determined by your chosen recipe and meat. If you are aiming for fish meat, then you need to find out and select among the awesome sous vide tuna recipe on the internet today. Many people are going to agree that it is difficult to attain the perfect tuna dish, especially, with the meat becoming firm and still succulent. The secret will rely on how you are going to prepare the dish for your recipe. For instance, did you know that when you soak the tuna meat in saltwater brine, it gives the fish a distinctive flavorful taste? Furthermore, it gives the meat firmness and juiciness, and does not flake or fall apart after cooking it?

Yes, you should definitely do that. Another simple and yet efficient awesome sous vide tuna recipe is by adding some fat, butter or olive oil. Did you know that from the meat you can prepare, tuna is the most capable to absorb this flavorful fat? Yes, you got that right. For this recipe though, be sure to separate each steak with its own vacuum-sealed pouch, so that, the tuna meat will not stick together and the taste is full.

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