How Many Hours Straight Do You Have To Work On Truck Driving Jobs

Now that you are an official truck driver, it is time for you to understand the basic salary of your profession. It is a decent job and it is pretty much challenging rather than a cubicle office. The salary and the hours of work will vary depending on whether you are assigned to a short-haul truck driving jobs or the long-haul truck driving jobs.

Per Deliverables

Basically, the short haul driving is an 8 hours job and the deliverables from the loading and unloading must be always on time. In case that deliveries exceeded from the 8-hour period, then it is considered as an overtime. Yet again, this will depend on the routes. Keep in mind that short-haul driving is limited with only 150 miles. On the other hand, if you exceeded and reached the 250 miles mark, this is considered long haul driving. The long-haul deliverables can be from State to State. Meaning, the truck driver is not monitored from the hours he drives the truck but rather per deliverables. For example, you are assigned to deliver goods from Texas to California, this is indeed a long drive where you need to deliver the good on time.

Travel Buddy

Whether it is a long or short haul drive, you are not going to deliver the goods alone. In fact, you have a travel buddy or also called as porter. The porter will take care of the unloading and loading which can be a very good helping hand when you need so. In the long-haul drive, you may have another truck driver jobs with you. As soon as your eight-hour drive mark is over, this another truck driver will be the one who is going to drive the truck so the both of you can make sure that the deliverables will be delivered on time.