At Your Desk A Lot? Get Lumbar Support For Your Office Chair

If you are working in an office setting, you probably experience back pains every day. Sitting in a chair for a long period of time can cause aching in your back especially in the lower areas.Unlike standing, sitting can stress the tissues and joints specifically the lumbosacral discs in the spine. These spinal discs act as shock absorbers in the vertebra of a person. In addition, lumbosacral discs are partly responsible for carrying the weight of the person’s upper body. Thus, every pain encountered in the lower back can be attributed to the stresses felt by the discs. Consequently, these back pains lead to the poor posture of a person.

Lumbar Support for Office Chairs

The lumbar spine naturally curves inward. Thus, it is necessary to fill in the gap between the spine and chair. A lumbar support for office chair is often used to prevent the development of poor posture by supporting the natural curve of the spine. Maintaining a proper posture for a long period of time can be difficult especially when a person is busy with work. With the passage of time, the muscles supporting the spine in its natural position become weak. These weakening of the muscles will urge the person to slouch which greatly cause back pains.

Furthermore, the effectiveness of lumbar support for office chair can also be affected by the chair itself and how a person sits on it. As much as possible, office chairs should have elbow supports positioned at a right angle to prevent straining the neck. These strains contribute to the tendencies of a person to slouch. Knees should also be bent at a right angle with the same level of the hips or higher to distribute the weight evenly to the spine. Lastly, the feet should lay flat on the floor while sitting.

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